About Me

Here are my latest Houdini and Maya FX and Match Move showreels:

Here is my Matchmoving reel, which shows some of the most difficult shots I have tackled. All work shown in these shots was done using PFTrack. I am also familiar with 3DEqualizer and Nuke's built in tracker

Daniel Sidi Match Move Reel 2016 from Daniel Sidi on Vimeo.

My name is Daniel Sidi and I have worked in Visual Effects since 2003. My strengths lie in simulation, dynamics, cloth, particles and fluids.

I love learning new tricks, tips and techniques and I am very happy to share what I learn with other artists. 

I can be reached here: 
mobile: 07812 173 639
Twitter: @dansidi

I am based with my family in leafy Pinner, North West London.

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  1. Hi Daniel, I love the way you switch to Houdini.

    I got to hear that once you move to Houdini there is no comeback.