Wednesday 13 August 2014

Per-Particle Field Attributes

Here is an incredibly handy tip from the FXPHD training course MYA217 Maya Effects by Pasha Ivanov.

If you have a particle system being affected by a field, you can control the magnitude (or any other parameter) of the field on a per-particle basis. Here's how:

Let's say starL_nParticle is being driven by approachCurve_volumeAxisField
  1. Create a new attribute on star_nParticle
  2. Make the new attibute per particle (array)
  3. Name the new attribute approachCurve_volumeAxisField_magnitude

You now have a per-particle attribute to control the magnitude of the field's effect. You can create a per-particle attribute for any of the field's perameters (e.g. alongAxis) but the crucial thing to remember is the naming of the per-particle attribute: it MUST be in the form of


Maya will understand that syntax and make the connection for you.

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