Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Spare Inputs in Houdini

Here is a technique I have recently picked up from Jay Natrajan, my friend from MPC.

Houdini allows 'spare inputs' into a SOP node, which lets you reference extenral data from inside a For-loop.

For an example, I want to scatter some points around the vertices of a grid. I want a random number of points  at a random distance from each vertex.

I can create attributes on each vertex to control number of points, radius from vertex and random seed. I can then move that data to the scatter node using Spare Inputs.

Here I have got three wrangles creating data on each vertex on a grid.

f@size = fit01(rand(@ptnum), ch("size_min"), ch("size_max"));

 i@number = int(fit01(rand(@ptnum), ch("min"), ch("max")));

 f@seed = rand(@ptnum + ch("seed"));

The for loop