Saturday 4 January 2020

Old nodes for following old tutorials

As SideFX has changed a few Houdini nodes recently, here is a way to access the old nodes so you can follow those tutorials that came out before the changes. This is especially useful for tutorials that came out before Houdini version 17, when large parts of the Dynamics workflow changed.

To get the old, deprecated, nodes back, you need to use the Textport. Yes, the Textport!
You always wondered that window was for, well, here is one use for it.

In Textport, type

You will see a popup list of classes of nodes appear

pressing enter now will list every deprecated node - there is a lot of them!

Note: the list in the popup does NOT show the Dop class of nodes. That confused me for a while, but you can still access the old Dop nodes. Here's how:

In Textport, type

opunhide Dop

Now if you press enter, you will get a list of deprecated Dop nodes.

If you want to access the old sourceVolume node, for example, type this in the Textport

opunhide Dop sourcevolume

Now, in the Dynamics context, you should be able to get a sourceVolume node the old version of the volumeSource node.

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