Friday 13 June 2014

GPU renderers

I will be testing some particle renderers in the next few days - Arnold, Fury and Krakatoa.

This first test is Fury

20 million nParticles
motion blur switched ON
4 x multisampling

13.26 seconds (dual Xeon E5 - 32 cores, 48GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro 4000)

I'm showing the alpha channel only because I currently just have the demo version of Fury and the watermark is distracting in the colour channel.

The next test is Krakatoa

motion blur OFF, render time 11 seconds

It's slightly trickier to get started with Krakatoa, but I think the results look amazing. Again, this is a lot of particles (14 million)

Here is my setup for Arnold, but I cannot seem to get the opacity to work properly.

More details as soon as I can get some help making this work.

I have finally got this working. Please see my later post "passing ageNormalized to Arnold"

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